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16/05/02 21:57

Mesi, Okki: KÃ!ili¶melzssina: Szerintem ha egyszer jó lesz, akkor úgy fogom csinálni, hogy ha lementettem letörlöm, de eddig nem így csináltam sajnos!Csilla: Köszi!

16/05/03 00:44

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16/05/04 08:43

Die nehmen alles wortwörtlich und wollen nicht zwischen den Buchstaben lesen, rufen nach Schemata, Richtlinien und nach hundert Prozent schon beim Köpfen des Frcs¼stüÃkheis. Auch ‘ne Form von Irrsinnigkeit

16/05/06 22:14

As you know, mine was stage 4 too. Not quite the same animal, but in the lymph nodes from head to toe (well, not quite toe – head to almost knees). The big toes always feeling 33% asleep is not a biggie. Wh1#2t8&a7;s a little neuropathy amongst friends and family. Anyway, I think God has work for you to do in Ohio and environs in 2012, 2018, 2029, 2037 (I think that is in August), and 2048. After that you are on your own, I may have bowed out by then. And who knows, he may need you in Congo or Belgium or Beijing or . . . . . . [url=]bdaocshz[/url] [link=]gphjlz[/link]

16/05/07 06:01