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that DHS also ordered 175 million rounds for rifles. That's 625 million rounds.I did some figuring. In a gunfight, the average Chicago police officer misses his opponent 15/16ths of the time. Taking that as a benchmark, 625 million rounds is enough to kill or wound 37 million Amaancens.Trkiig Vietnam as a benchmark, when it took an average of 3,000 rounds to kill a VC, 625 million rounds would be enough to kill 208,000 Americans, wound about a million, and intimidate 300 million others. How do you spell FEMA?

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– Sincer, nu era vorba de denigrare sau mai stiu eu ce ti-a trecut prin minte de te-ai aprins asa. Pe anumite cuvinte cheie nu poti intra, tocmai pentru ca, culmea, pe prima pagina sunt siteuri care abunda in ”intelegi tu”. Ce sanse de conversie dai, cand te bati cu ei?! Asa ca, ”prajitura” trebuie sa aiba si ea glazura stralucitoare. Ma rog, prefer sa oprim aici aceasta discutie si sa ne vedem de ce este mai imna0topt̷r;

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